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Instead of having to establish a completely new session the servers gives the client a 5 minute window to resume a previously established session.

Messages that arrived in the mean time will be redelivered automatically.

So if you are a software developer, you can check out the sources from Git Hub and use gradle to build your APK file.

The more convenient way — which not only gives you automatic updates but also supports the further development of Conversations — is to buy the App in the Google Play Store. Once you've found one, you can use Conversations to create an account. Using your own domain not only gives you a more recognizable Jabber ID, it also gives you the flexibility to migrate your account between different XMPP providers. Ejabberd is slightly more mature nowadays but Prosody is arguably easier to set up.

However, instead of the tree-like representation most XMPP clients provide, Conversations uses a tag based approach, letting you easily search for any group or status.

To keep Conversations as simple as possible, this feature is turned off by default.

The first one is OMEMO, a state of the art multi-end-to-multi-end encryption method which is very easy to setup and gives you forward secrecy and plausible deniability.

For backwards compatibility reasons Conversations also supports OTR and Open PGP.

The internet connection on cell phones is rather unstable.

Profile pictures Even though Conversations keeps its own connection to the XMPP server and thus is independent of Google’s push messaging system (GCM), it does a lot of work to keep the impact on battery life as low as possible.

mobile optimizations The entire source code of Conversations is publicly available on Github and licensed under the GPLv3, which means you can not only review the code and verify its correct behaviour but also modify it to your own wishes.

Conversations allows you to easily share files with your contacts and embeds images directly into your chat. If you are using more than one device at the same time, both your sent and received messages will show up on all devices.

Message confirmation Conversations will automatically load the message history from your server when you need it.

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