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Because there are no other couples, this three-day experience is solely focused on you and your spouse and your specific needs as a couple.

Day One will give you a chance to get to know your therapists, as well as, give them a chance to get to know you.

Losing sight of the spiritual connection that will give your life purpose, direction and meaning is detrimental for any relationship.

Each retreat is customized for you and your spouse based on your individual needs that are decided by you and your trained professional counselor.

There is a two, three, four and five day option depending on how long you feel you and your spouse need to work on your specific dilemma.

The four day option is recommended, especially if you are dealing with problems as significant as past affairs, traumas or other serious issues.

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“Never is there a sense where this can be a mutual relationship,” she said.That dubious honor belongs to her now-husband, Tye Strickland, whom she split from shortly before she joined In the book, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader — who eventually reunited with Strickland and married him in 2009 — opens up about her experience on the hit ABC reality series.Among her revelations: how it’s possible to fall madly in love with a guy whom you’ve just met, and whose attention you’re vying for among 24 other women. Something happens where, when you’re in it, you forget all about your real values, you forget all about your job and your bills, what your friends are doing,” she says.The private retreat is about you and your spouse working through your issues solely focused on each other and the things you learn from Dr.Grey as he helps you uncover barriers that are hindering your marriage and ways to overcome them for the future.

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