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The Malaysian Forest Scorpion is quite defensive and will readily sting when it feels cornered or in danger.

It is similar to the Emperor Scorpion only in looks and not in behavior.

It can be distinguished from the Emperor in that it is slightly more elongated and its pedipalps and claws are larger and more elongated. The Malaysian Forest Scorpion is also referred to as the Asian Forest Scorpion.Several species of Females are often bulkier and have thinner pincers than the males. The pectines on the underside of scorpions can be inspected to give the you an idea of their scorpion's sex.Place the scorpion in a clear plastic tub and hold it up to inspect the underside of the scorpion.A good habit to get into is cleaning up any uneaten prey items the day after feeding your scorpion as decaying organic matter commonly attracts mites, fungus, mold and other potentially harmful organisms into the enclosure.If your pet has recently molted, remove uneaten prey items immediately.

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