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Based on these approximate laying dates, we may see little white balls of fluff around Mother's Day!Thursday, April 6, 2017 - Falcon Watchers are keeping a close eye on Lily and Ossie, looking for signs of when they lay their first egg.We won't get to see all of them, but, as the birds move around, and turn the eggs, we will catch glimpses of them from time to time.So far, Lily has not produced a clutch where all her eggs have hatched, but she has delayed laying this year until genuinely warm weather began, so we have high hopes for seeing a full nest this year!Over the past few days, there has been a noticable increase in courting behavior, with Ossie bringing more meals to Lily on the nest ledge (as seen in the photo at left). It is normal for falcons to not constantly incubate the first egg or two, so that they develop more slowly, and thus have a better chance of hatching at the same time.So by the time we see Lily start to sit in the nest constantly, there will be a good chance that more than one egg has been laid.Please click on the yellow 'DONATE button above to learn more about how the money is used and how to make a tax creditable donation by cheque or on-line. Lily was banded in 2010 at the Grand Haven Board of Light & Power plant, in Michigan, and Ossie fledged from the Osler Hospital in Etobicoke in 2012. If at least one of a pair that used a nest site in the previous year return, and if there have been no significant physical changes to disturb either the nest itself or the birds generally, they will use the same nest site over and over again, year after year. This will be the twenty-third year the same nest site on the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel has been used.

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A replica of the grant cheque was presented at the TD Canada Trust branch in Jackson Square, on 15 November 2017, to Falconwatch Senior Monitor Mike Street (right) by Maria Delio, Manager, Customer Service & Sales, and Natanael Paipa, Manager Financial Services, at the branch.Falcon watchers are encouraged to see them both repeatedly poking around the original 1995-2014 scrape, in the far corner.It seems quite likely that they will try this location for their second clutch.Last year Lily laid early, and lost some eggs due to cold weather. Hopefully tonight's forecast snow is the last of the season, and Lily starts laying, and we have a nice, large brood to watch this summer!Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - Lily and Ossie are doing just fine with all this snow.

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