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I'm a Taurus , He's a Capricorn and he is the best thing that has ever happen to me.. I don't think that I've ever had this good connection with any man before. Even though its over now I still think of him as "mine", maybe that's taurean possessiveness ;), but he has always told me that he could never hate or stay mad at me, and there is something about me that keeps him coming back.and I am his (at least that's what he says to me and anyone who will! We both were once married to Taurus's and now divorced. The problem is that he lives VERY far away, and I have to fly to get there. I am a Taurus woman that's been with the cap guy for a 1 yr and 2 months. The sex is incredible, I've never had to tell him the way I like anything, he just knows. this Capricorn guy told my friend that he likes me but he said that he doesn't know if I felt the same way and that he couldn't tell me and I'm just waiting for the right time to pull him to the side but im a little nervous myself what should I do? Im a Capricorn male recently split from Taurus female.It's as if there is this stone wall around him and you have to be invited in sometimes you are, sometimes you aren't but I always have to be the initiator and I am already sick of a Taurus girl, n my boyfriend is a Capricorn, im exactly 7 months older then him we were both born on the 8th of our months.

but whenever something happens that upsets the relationship, we both get really guilty n take the blame upon ourselves.

I am still with my man, and often times he is too boring, unemotional and untalkative and never wants to do anything spontaneous, which is needed, though not overbearingly, for the Taurus.

I try and get him to open up and go on an adventure every once in a while.

I love my man so much no matter what even though he pulls the whole now-im-here now-im-not thing, which infuriates Taurus. She wants to feel wanted so if you show that, she will come back to you without thinking it twice! I've never been treated so well or made to feel so special & beautiful.

but she'll stick by hoping its worth my while !! I am a Taurus Woman dating a Capricorn male & it is fantastic! Taurus - Capricorn relationships are a great experience.

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