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Gifts are used to bring honor and glory to God and one way that takes place is through art as a form of worship–music, art, etc. Although the word “art” is not easily found in the Bible we know that it exists based on God’s creating quality.

God is very creative and has gifted His children in similar ways. Write, record, paint and build as God has gifted you all for His glory.

Allow God to mold you into His design for your life.

Once God places a gifting and calling on someone’s life there is no straying from the path that God sets out.

God is the one who allows skills and gifts to be placed upon someone’s life.

It is true that engravers, embroiderers, and weavers are artists in their form, and thankfully so.

Now, this does mean God does not care about the in-between stages, because He does!

It was obvious that he surpassed his competitors with sheer power but because of that he walked away with the big money!! Ano Turtianinen has been the leanest 275 lifter I've seen in a while.

Even though he took second to Steve Goggins, it will only be a matter of time.

It's been a while, but professional powerlifting is starting to become a success as lifters from all around the world get a chance to compete and make a decent living at it. First off, back in early 2002, Chuck Vogelpohl became the first man under 300 pounds to squat over a 1000 in competition so it was needless to say that more was expected out of him this time around.

He passed on his third attempt saving himself for the other two lifts, but his focus was so intense it could light up a city.

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