Lds single dating websites

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If they decline I could ask what changes might make them change their minds.What do you think it would take to get their approval without a working prototype?

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I mean I could just develop the entire project and then present it to them and ask if they would like to integrate it into singles wards.

Unfortunately these and other similar websites suffer from two major problems:1) There are many such services, each with an increasingly smaller subset of the population, making it time consuming and frustrating to locate people in your area.2) They are commercial businesses, and to actively communicate with people you must subscribe. If the church wants to help its single adults to find a spouse, then I believe it should do everything in its power to facilitate this goal.

It is long overdue that the church uses technology to aid this goal.

If I didn't graduate high school early and complete 2 years before my mission, I might have left myself enough time to find a wife there after.

But unfortunately, I hear of so many graduates who move into dense LDS communities, either for work or to live at home, who date many people in their ward and find no luck and then have no where to turn.

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