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In the early modern period in Iran, his metaphysical positions began to be displayed by a creative modification that they underwent due to the thinkers of the school of Isfahan, in particular Mulla Sadra (d. Sources on his life range from his autobiography, written at the behest of his disciple ‘Abd al-Wahid Juzjani, his private correspondence, including the collection of philosophical epistles exchanged with his disciples and known as .

His influence in medieval Europe spread through the translations of his works first undertaken in Spain.

The second is his first major work on metaphysics, , a work modelled on the corpus of the philosopher, namely.

Aristotle, that covers the natural sciences, logic, mathematics, metaphysics and theology.

The other two encyclopaedias were written later for his patron the Buyid prince ‘Ala’ al-Dawla in Isfahan.

The first, in Persian rather than Arabic is entitled , a work that does not present completed proofs for arguments and reflects his mature thinking on a variety of logical and metaphysical issues.

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