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Front row left to right, William Thomas Frederick, Thomas William Cooke Riddiford, Stanley Gordon, Caroline 'Queenie', Celia Ann Kirkin and Ernest Arthur Harold But his mother was hanged on top of at Gloucester Jail's gate house in full view of a jeering crowd on September 7, 1816.

Court records show 69-year-old Mrs Riddiford and her son Luke were jailed for stealing two sides of bacon and two pigs' cheeks.

Pop star Kylie Minogue's ancestor was a thief who was one of the oldest women hanged in Britain, and now images of the spot where she was executed and Australian descendants have emerged.

Kylie's relative Dinah Riddiford was publically put to death aged 69 on top of at Gloucester Jail's gate house in 1816 - in an execution known as 'The Granny Hanging'.

Maria was the daughter of a Dinah Riddiford, who is thought to be the daughter namesake of the Dinah who hanged at Gloucester jail in 1816.

Little is known of Kylie's paternal heritage aside from that her father is a fifth generation Australian whose family probably originated in County Clare, Ireland.

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