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He added that while he thought Trump was the “most courageous president ever,” Akon stressed that there needs to be a different approach as it relates to foreign affairs.It appears that Akon might have been inspired to speak on the president, this after the fiasco this weekend regarding the so-called “Muslim ban” executive order that has dominated the news cycle since the weekend.Born Kelendria Trene Kamasia Rowland on February, 1981, Kelly experienced huge fame when performing as trio in Destiny's Child with Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams (II).Even after the group have disbanded, Kelly continued to pursue career in music by going solo, kicked off nicely with the duet with rapper Nelly on "Dilemma"."I'm not going to cry," Kelly Rowland swears over the phone to ET.But just as the pop star assures herself she won't, on the day of President Donald Trump's inauguration, Rowland finds herself unable to stop.

I just wanted to have a different perspective this time around. For me, it was the space that I was in, and being comfortable in my sensuality and wanting to talk about that.MORE: Kelly Rowland Reveals Tina Knowles Was Behind Destiny's Child Mannequin Challenge ET: Piggybacking off a central theme of : For you, what have been some of the challenges of balancing your career and dating life? " I sat in the line at the grocery store and had a 30-minute conversation with this woman.Kelly Rowland: In the past it was remaining focused on my career and trying to find the time for dating. If more women could do that for each other, I think we would be a lot more sane and not have Trump as president!I think after I had my son, in my head [I was] really trying to find a space and a sound.I didn't want to just talk about sex again -- I'm 35! A lot of life has happened, and I wanted to be able to put that in perspective and put that in words in a beautiful, well-thought-out way, and have fun on the record as well.

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