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Maria Kuznetsova aka Koika aka Ailene aka Daniela aka Elle aka Ellie aka Emily aka Gina aka Jane aka Judy aka Maria aka Mary aka Masha aka Melissa aka Michelle aka Rose aka Sabrina aka Teen Judy aka Tudy aka Valeria: 17. Natalya aka Greta aka Natali aka Natasha aka Bernadette: 14. Lina aka Joanna aka Tatyana aka Tatyna aka Zena: 16.Webcams listed are subject to availability and may change from time to time.New views are added regularly, so be sure to check back for new releases.

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The modern concept, similar in execution to documentary interviews, hearkens back to the granddaddy of television court shows, created the precedent (along with many many others) of eliminating the court reporter and having the litigants rant directly to the camera. Trope name comes from an episode of which parodied Reality TV; in this episode, the house which served as location for the reality Show Within a Show featured a closet equipped with a camera, dubbed the "Confessional" (which Marge interpreted quite literally).

Now, a coalition of fishermen, scientists and legislators have put a bounty on lost gear, making retrieving it economically as well as environmentally beneficial.

In Reality Shows, a camera which is set up in an isolated location (a small room or, in outdoor environs, a secluded area), where the show's participants appear individually to speak candidly about tactics, motivations, the other players, etc. In many cases, Confession Cam interviews are produced in such a way that they can be spliced into the regular footage at any point with Manipulative Editing, and may be used several episodes away from when they actually took place.

A camera marked with “HD” denotes a live streaming camera.

A camera marked with “MP” denotes a megapixel photography camera, which shows a high resolution updating image.

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