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At their best, they’re unbeatable, as they prove tonight with an encore of utterly seismic proportions.

“Regular John”, this evening’s only nod to their self-titled debut, is absolutely sublime and if there’s a better way to end a rock show than “A Song for the Dead”, I’ve yet to hear it.

Both are played with extraordinary precision but little of the swagger or danger that truly make the band such a monumental live proposition.

“My God is the Sun” and new track “Feet Don’t Fail Me” begin to up the pace a bit but in truth, it takes the band almost half a dozen tracks to really get going this evening.

Whilst it’s clearly done no harm to their popularity, there are moments that one wishes that Queens circa 2017 felt more of a gang, especially considering that, at one time or another, they’ve boasted members as monumental as Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan.

Despite this, Homme’s undeniably grown in confidence as a frontman and his charisma about manages to carry the show on his shoulders alone, even if his stage patter sometimes comes across as the ramblings of a man who’s consumed the rock n” roll cocktail listed in their turn of the millennium anthem “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” (sadly, not played this evening.) He’s undeniably a pariah of cool though, nonchalantly smoking between songs and soaking in the roars of approval from an almost 18,000 strong crowd.

But generally speaking, since society values women for their beauty more than men, it's considered far crueler to call a woman unattractive than it is to say the same of a man, so most writers will take another route in making a female character comedically undesirable.Even with such an impressive back catalogue of distinctive rock anthems under their belts, it does take Queens of the Stone Age a few songs to warm up this evening.On paper, an opening salvo of “If I Had a Tail” and “Monsters in the Parasol” is a perfectly fine entrée but in practice, they feel a tad too lumbering for openers.As time has gone on, it’s become more obvious that Queens of the Stone Age is very much Josh Homme’s baby.This most recent incarnation of the band may well be the most stable yet, but despite boasting ex-members of A Perfect Circle and The Mars Volta, there’s often a pervading sense throughout tonight’s proceedings that we’re bearing witness to “The Josh Homme Experience’.

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