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They drove all over the East Coast of the United States, working for companies such as ACW and other small promotions.

He started on World Wrestling Federation (WWF) television as a jobber — a wrestler who consistently loses to make his opponents look stronger.

On Tuesday, Jeff Sessions will testify before the House Judiciary Committee—one of the few Congressional bodies not conducting its very own Russia investigation, because its chairman, Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte, has refused to allow such a probe.

But thanks to a quirk of timing, Sessions will travel to Capitol Hill for one of his regularly scheduled appearances before the committee, which has oversight responsibility for the Department of Justice.

With the addition of Lita, the team became known as Team Xtreme and continued to rise in popularity.

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He has later had gotten writing credits on 3 of the songs on the Backstreet Boys' "Black & Blue" (2000), and a song called "True" on the B-side of Leslie Carter's debut single "Like Wow" (2001).

While Dixie has met Stephanie Mc Mahon in the past, this is the first time that she will appear on WWE programming.

Here’s where we are, 10 months into the Trump administration: if the attorney general of the United States is grilled about the likelihood that he has perjured himself, but not about his views on pedophilia, he will consider himself lucky.

Democrats are debating just how far to push to try to prove Sessions has lied. K., you catch him on perjury,” one Congressperson says.

“On the other hand, you don’t want him to have to resign, because then Trump can put in somebody else as attorney general who is not recused from the Russia investigation, and who might then fire Mueller.”Calibrating a pursuit of the truth with the protection of the special counsel could prove a tricky balancing act.

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