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This concept is what drives the "write once, run anywhere" idea of Java.

Figure 1-3 illustrates how Oracle Java applications reside on top of the Java core class libraries, which reside on top of JVM.

You do not have to write specific methods to handle full-time employees and part-time employees. A program that calculates total payroll to date would iterate over all people on payroll, regardless of whether they were full-time or part-time employees or contractors, and add up the values returned from calling the As with other high-level computer languages, the Java source compiles to low-level machine instructions.

In Java, these instructions are known as bytecodes, because each instruction has a uniform size of one byte.

Most other languages, such as C, compile to machine-specific instructions, such as instructions specific to an Intel or HP processor.

When compiled, the Java code gets converted to a standard, platform-independent set of bytecodes, which interacts with a JVM.

The methods that are declared in the interface are implemented in the classes.

Multiple inheritance occurs when a class implements multiple interfaces.

This chapter introduces the Java language to Oracle PL/SQL developers, who are accustomed to developing server-side applications that are integrated with SQL data.

You can develop server-side Java applications that take advantage of the scalability and performance of Oracle Database.

This chapter contains the following sections: All object-oriented programming languages support the concept of a class.

When you develop a Java application, you use predefined core class libraries written in the Java language.

The Java core class libraries are logically divided into packages that provide commonly used functionality. Together, JVM and core class libraries provide a platform on which Java programmers can develop applications, which will run successfully on any operating system that supports Java.

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