Intimidating song titles

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Even more frightening than that is that he is not using a falsetto; you have to hear him speak to believe it, but that's his actual voice.And that in itself often turns people away; maybe it's a form of homophobia or something, but there are many who want their male singers to sound like, well, real men, and hearing anything else makes them cringe.

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Yup, I've been an obsessive fan since 1998, and even as my music collection has continued to expand and diversify, the band's hold on my mind has remained, and I find it hard to see a scenario in which that would change.

And besides, it's not as if the man's singing couldn't hypnotize a man with its beauty; listen to his reverbed voice soaring over the mellotron in "Revealing Science" in the "getting over overhanging trees" part, or his moving lament in "Turn of the Century," and tell me you aren't moved to tears.

Whatever the case may be, I honestly believe this is one of the greatest bands of all time.

With songs that regularly eclipse 7 minutes in length, often taking up entire sides of albums (especially on Tales, with four side-longs, of all things), it certainly takes a bizarre and hearty soul to give them a shot in the first place, much less enjoy them.

But even their stellar chops, a definite asset, often gained them intense criticism for creating a type of 'musical elitism' that prevented an average garage band from being able to emulate themselves after Yes (or other prog bands, for that matter).

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