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I want to see you play with the drama Gong Yoo oppa again.

If you love fashion, then be open minded and understand how it works as well!! Yoon Eun Hye HAS BRAINS, she's not someone who will put herself and the show in a difficult situation. They did not just get the coat and thought of hmm..

we'll copy this but let's redesign and restyle the ruffles. I'm so glad that it's over and she's in the 2nd place.

Let's spread love and support to all K Stars, after all we all love their dramas. You're one of the greatest so heads up but keep your feet on the ground.

Looking forward to your future projects after all this plagiarism scandal. Ur a good and pretty actress in "Coffee Prince" since ive watched it last 2007 and up to the present that im on my work vacation i had watched it again the whole episode for just 5 days and i have still the "pirated" dvd of it...i just love to watch it over and over again... BINHYE COUPLE in an action good movie or drama huhuhu .. Reposting my comment: It's my way of supporting my forever idol Yoon Eun Hye.when we will see you again having a drama with Gong Yoo? But I feel like the problem is the way she chooses her scripts, I feel like her talent was wasted in Marry Him If you Dare tbh. I don't understand why she isn't well loved in his country.! you're the reason why i loved to watch korean dramas, movies and listen to a korean songs. who has nothing to do but put obnoxious comments into the net.. YEH's fans: Spread love and proudly endy our day w/ a smile!! who has nothing to do but put obnoxious comments into the net.. YEH's fans: Spread love and proudly endy our day w/ a smile!! ♥ ♥ ♥ to lead: hmm u even came here to post something bad... Anyway, if someone is really LOW and CROOKED then I guess, they can't be stopped.Saranghae :-) You're so great and very talented, can't wait to see you in your new project. Even though I liked her in Lie to me and My Fair Lady the plots were not that great. the first time I saw you in drama titled "My Fair Lady" I really admired you a lot... I guess you don't have something good to do or something worthwhile to do.. Congratulations Yoon Eun Hye for winning 2nd place. I'd love to see you together w/ Hyun Bin plssssss consider a movie w/ him.i thankfully enough with goong team production that make goong as your debut drama since i love too with the manhwa so that coffee please unnie keep strong even when other people badmouthing about you remember you still have fans world wide not only in korea.

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