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I set her account to private and told her explicitly that she wasn’t allowed to make friends with anyone she didn’t know. He managed to make ‘'friends’' with other girls at her school and by the time he came to request my daughter, they had 32 mutual friends. The picture she saw on his profile was a blurred photo of a teenager wearing what looked like school uniform. My daughter wasn’t sure if she knew him, but they had 32 mutual friends, so she presumed that she did, and she accepted him. He’d have a joke with us and offer to help with our packing.I noted her password and told her that I might occasionally check her account. I can remember commenting to a friend: “Have you seen that new guy in the shop, he’s so nice and friendly.” So charmed was I by him. When I discovered what had happened, I refrained from asking her the detail of it, although of course I established that she hadn’t met him face to face.I realised at that point and too late that computers and phones should be downstairs, and used with supervision only.I also failed to educate my daughter about the exact nature of how paedophiles work: even though this was part of my job, in relation to the internet at that time, I honestly didn’t really know.He continued with his grooming career and a more proactive mum checked her daughter’s account and reported him to the police.Without her actions who knows how many more girls he would have gone on to groom, and whether his appetites would have progressed. We have four children and once the dinner’s done, there’s the younger two to read with, do homework with, and then bath.I don’t think she tells anyone about it, not because she’s ashamed, but because she hasn’t allowed it to define her.

They say: '‘Yes but all their friends have it, what can you do?

She would pester me daily: “It’s not fair, Maddy has it, Kate has it, why can’t I have it? He was the smiling assistant who helped us in our local supermarket.

Please mum please mum please mum.” I knew in my gut that I shouldn’t have let her, but eventually and regrettably I gave in – I was sick of the relentless arguments. I have no idea if he specifically targeted my daughter because he knew who she was or whether it was just a terrible coincidence. Late 20s, tall, thin and geeky looking, not your average looking paedophile, whatever that is.

I failed to do that and I can’t turn back the clock; I can’t erase what happened and I have to live with it every day and accept it. We can book a dental appointment, arrange a date, plan a world tour, get a degree – all from the comfort of our own sofas.

Technology is our future and I understand the importance of making sure our children are highly skilled in this digital age.

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