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That sad loser on the phone listened to every part of it knowing he could never have me like that.

Afterwards my boyfriend berated the gross pervert with insults into the phone, calling him a loser and taunting him until that cuckolded bitch ran away with his spent dick in his hand. 309 Flirt with me in The Phone Sex Bar Chat Room Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Bar the girls were making ready for men near and far. I slowly step out of my shorts, and I grab my tank top and pull it over my head. I ran to my kitchen and grabbed the present and unwrapped it.

Here I was naked and exposed, and she could see how red I was. I watched her walking towards me with the sound of her 5-inch heels clicking on the floor, and my heart felt like it was about to burst. She took the flogger between my legs and brushed the inside of my thighs.

The intense feeling coming over my whole body so intense. As she used that flogger on my ass, my entire body tensed up. She stopped and untied my wrists, but then re-tied them with my front exposed to her.

Numbers will be drawn prior to the game and the prize is a free 15 minute call, with the girl of your choice, per quarter! You can not use existing prepaid time for this contest. I could hear the laughter down in the hallway, and it got louder as they were getting closer. I became very nervous now because I did not want anyone to find me here. I was preoccupied with my hot red bottom, but when the door handle started to turn, I stared at that door. Tenderly, I touch your face, and you aggressively massage my feet.

Each call must be purchased the day of your square pick. I heard the laughter of ladies right outside the door, and I could see their shadows through the closed blinds on the door. Lover, you make me moan, and I can feel my new panties getting wet for you.

Merry Christmas, Victoria cozy up with me on twitter and Tumblr This loser asked me in private if I could cuckold him…Just as he began running his thick fingers between the lips of my pussy the phone began to ring. Those fingers are so thick that just two of them are thicker than the average cock and he knows just how to curl them against my G-spot to make me instantly orgasm.When I answered, the sound of sex was already obvious in my voice. Whenever my boyfriend felt I was talking too much that’s exactly what he would do to send me over the edge.To use the site's full features, you need to allow viewing Flash content in your browser.Please press on the "rocker" to enable Flash for your browser.

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