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The reason for making an investment in a college education is, of course, the expected return.According to a Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce study, bachelor’s degree holders can expect median lifetime earnings approaching .3 million, nearly twice as much as workers with only a high school diploma.How much a graduate will earn is key to calculate college ROI, as well as making smart decisions about student loans.

Although ROI can be very personal, below are important factors that all students should consider: To calculate a college’s ROI, the first step is to determine the total cost of college.Clearly, the investment in a college education will pay off in the long run.How much it pays off, however, depends on how smart the investment was in the first place.Therefore, when considering colleges, be sure to also think about your field of study and eventual career.If you’re passion is in a field that doesn’t pay well, it may be wise to consider a lower-cost college to maximize ROI.

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