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One badge uses Flash and you can pick a color scheme.The other badge uses Java Script to create a simple line of text that you can apply your own design to with CSS or HTML.Twitter has pushed out an update for their Windows apps on both PC and mobile, and it’s a relatively big one.This new update adds support for a new mobile optimized view on mobile devices, which in turn enables the app for release on Windows 10 Mobile devices.More Control - You can decide which friends’ updates get sent to your mobile phone and which friends you’d prefer to check online.Plus, you can decide if you want to protect your updates from the general public and just keep them among friends or put them out there for all to read.To invite a friend by phone send a text to 40404 with the word “add” and your friends phone number.

For example, you can update, add friends, turn mobile updates on or off—including on an individual basis, nudge another Twitter person who hasn’t updated in a while and more. They have redesigned the site with a new look, brand pages, and improved functionality. Whether or not this effort to remain relevant in the social media world will work remains to be seen, but the new design is worth a look. According to their announcement, they will slowly roll out the new version. If you can't wait, you can get it now if you have access to an i Phone, i Pod (with Internet access), i Pad, or Droid.

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