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The Edit Item Template is used to display user interface while Details View control is in edit mode. We use Bind() to display data and this data can take part in Insert and Update operations.Similarly, the Insert Item Template is used to display user interface while Details View control is in insert mode. When we use Bind() method in a Template Field, the Bind() method supports two-way data binding, which means data can be updated, inserted, and deleted automatically from the data source control.en realidad es otra forma valida de lograr lo mismo.Suele suceder que a veces se necesita crear script con cierto dinamismo que solo se logra con código .net, de esta forma ese código javascript creado puede asignarse a un evento en un control para ser ejecutado.

Apart from Drop Down List, I have also shown how to keep other forms control like asp: Check Box, asp: Text Box, asp: Radio Button List in the Grid View and preserving the selected value that is coming from the database.

Well, you can do that however in that case you will not be able to maintain the default value for that record that is coming from the database which I have specified using event fires when the Grid View Rows is actually being bounded and at the time of binding Grid View rows, the Drop Down List items is not bounded so there is no way you will be able to get its items and the Selected Value will complain that it couldn't find the item to select.

Whatever you were trying to do in the event will fire once the Grid View Row is bounded and by this time you will no way be able to specify the Selected Value of the Drop Down List in the server side.

Esta distinción de ambientes donde es ejecutado cada lenguaje puede traer problemas al momento de integrarlo, mas que al hacer uso de controles de brindados en que son claramente diseñador para trabajar por medio de requerimiento al servidor.

Uso del alert() El uso del alert() de javascript es muy útil para informar al usuario de un suceso en la aplicación, pero este puede ser usado antes o después del postback o acción del usuario, lo que requiere distintas técnicas en cada caso.

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