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Creativity in workout design is one of my strong points; therefore, you will never do the same workout twice. Negativity and poor attitudes are discouraged in the studio, especially during the workouts.They are a time to focus on yourself and the positive atmosphere in which you are in.It is something that many people use frequently, if nothing else, just to affirm that someone they haven't talked to in awhile is 'still alive and kicking'. Looks like the forums will be the only thing keeping me here, and since they've done their best to make them inaccessible, even that may not be enough! As long as one has to pay for aspects of a site, the site is not free. I was just going into my "Sent Messages" box and all of a sudden, I have to pay to see whether or not my message was read!!!! I went to the park yesterday and someone told me it would be free, but when I got there and wanted a bottle of water they charged me for it. A winner sees an answer for every problem...a loser sees a problem for every answer. I think the site is still great and offers so much more free things than most sites. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I wouldn't mind if POF charged a little for new, extra features that cost money to maintain (such as allowing extra, or higher resolution pictures), but charging for simple things that USED TO BE FREE/AUTOMATIC is mean.

Working out with a trainer can be a very enlightening, empowering and educating experience.I like to keep the workouts interesting and current.In my training, I incorporate machines, free weights, bands, TRX trainers, BOSU trainers, medicine balls, and plyometrics.i guess this is the response to all the complaints: you gotta pay for the solution. personally, i could care less cuz i delete my sent messages as soon as i send them. i'll save it to pay tax on a wendy's value menu item. I wouldn't mind so much paying 8 cents to unlock the the ability to see if your messages were read or deleted. You have to purchase a minimum of 100 goldfish credits for around . There is absolutely nothing wrong with them charging a nominal fee for enhanced services. If you have problems with it, try a competitor's site and see what you get.. The_Bachelor_ on 1/15/2011 423 PMSubject: Goldfish Credits Message: Not sure why everyone is complaining? I could see charging for, as someone else said, extra perks, but not for basic things like this. So POF is making more than just the pennies they are asking for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them charging a nominal fee for enhanced services. If you have problems with it, try a competitor's site and see what you get.. It was free right from the start and now they're charging for it.

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