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& Drivers2041 Candy, Chocolate, and Confection Mfg.2065 Condensed Milk Mfg.2065 Malted Milk Mfg.2065 Milk Products Mfg. & Route Supervisors, Drivers2070 Cheese or Butter Mfg.

See the NCCI basic manual phraseologies for workers compensation code 8380 on the bulleted item(s) below.

To learn more about defining manual classifications, determining manual rates (And much more), download for workers compensation insurance agents, brokers, and underwriters.

Tab 0 contains the (Four digit) IN workers compensation codes that begin with “0,” Tab 1 contains IN workers compensation codes that begin with “1,” tab 2 contains IN workers compensation codes that begin with “2,” and so forth.

On mobile devices, tabs are shown on the bottom of the page.0005 Farm0008 Farm0016 Farm—Orchard or Grove & Drivers0016 Turpentine Farm & Drivers.0034 Farm0035 Farm—Florist & Drivers0036 Farm—Dairy & Drivers0037 Farm0042 Landscape Gardening & Drivers.0042 Street or Road Construction—Beautification Work & Drivers0050 Brush or Weed Control by Contractor—Chemical & Drivers0050 Farm Machinery Operation—By Contractor & Drivers0050 Hay Baling & Drivers0079 Farm—Berry or Vineyard & Drivers0083 Artificial Insemination of Cattle—All Other Employees & Drivers0083 Farm0106 Stump Removal Operations—By Specialist Contractor & Drivers0106 Tree Pruning and Removal—All Operations & Drivers—Natural Catastrophe0106 Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing—All Operations & Drivers0106 Tree Pruning, Trimming, or Spraying—All Operations & Drivers for Existing Right-of-Way—Electric, Power, Telephone, Burglar, or Fire Alarm Lines0113 Farm—Fish Hatchery & Drivers0170 Farm—Animal Raising & Drivers.0251 Irrigation Works Operation & Drivers.0400 Cotton Compressing & Drivers0401 Cotton Gin Operation & Local Managers, Drivers0908 Domestic Workers—Residences—Part-Time0913 Domestic Workers—Residences—Full-Time0917 Pet Sitting Services & Drivers0917 Residential Cleaning Services by Contractor—Inside1005 Coal Mining—Surface & Drivers1016 Coal Mining—NOC1164 Mining NOC—Not Coal—Underground & Drivers1165 Mining NOC—Not Coal—Surface & Drivers1320 Gas or Oil—Lease Operator—Natural Gas—All Operations & Drivers1320 Oil or Gas—Lease Operator—All Operations & Drivers1322 Oil or Gas—Well—Cleaning or Swabbing of Wells—By Specialist Contractor—No Drilling & Drivers1430 Lead Mfg.

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