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Pornhub, which was visited 23 billion times last year, doesn’t offer HTTPS.

Using a virtual “certificate” required to enable HTTPS, the browser can verify that you’re actually looking at the webpage you intended to, and not some version of the site modified by another party (usually a hacker).

This type of hack is known as a “Man-in-the-Middle” attack and it was most famously used by the Chinese government, in what was called the Great Cannon.

Basically, HTTPS protects what you’re looking at from people interested in surveilling you.

So, here are some things to know about what’s at stake when watching porn online.

With plain HTTP, anyone – like hackers, the government, or snooping neighbors – sitting between your browser and the webserver can see what’s moving back and forth.“Live cam” sites, like Chaturbate, Live Jasmin, and Bongacams, are more likely to have HTTPS protections than other types of pages – but free “tube” sites (the ones that don’t require payment to watch adult content) have been slow to adopt the secure protocol.

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