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One reason the units remained separate, other than weight and size constraints, is that purchasers often wanted to add only a transmitter to an already existing medium wave AM receiver installation in an automobile (California Highway Patrol, for example.) It should also be noted that within months of completion of the Link system for Connecticut, Noble had joined Motorola, Inc. O." equipment designation was, other than that it was the first equipment actually manufactured by GE, at their Bridgeport facility, beginning in 1941.

For example, I do not have photos or detailed descriptions of the motorcycle and mobile equipment made by GE prior to 1940, other than that below, so while mentioned here, it is not covered in any detail.The Progress Line was made in a wide variation of models and combinations, and included portables (eventually), base stations, monitor receivers, railroad and so forth.Interestingly, there was no "Solocycle" (two wheel motorcycle) Progress equipment made, although a "Servicar" (three wheel motorcycle) combination was offered.This equipment was built and designed at the GE Schenectady plant. This was GE's last AM VHF two-way police radio, as far as I have been able to determine, and the outbreak of war in 1941 probably ended production of this model, which was quite obsolete by that time.Note the huge dynamotor which GE referred to as an advantage because it offered "continuous duty transmitter operation." It should be noted that equipment like this placed a huge drain on 6 Volt car batteries and electrical systems, often requiring changing of batteries at the end of each shift!

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