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Sometimes they would meet at a cottage on her Gloucestershire estate, sometimes at an anonymous house in Surrey.

When Anne went into hospital in May 1981 to give birth to Zara, she called Cross to let him know her movements.

So what is it about Princess Anne and her attitude to love?

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The American range and Sheep Wars of the 18th and early 19th centuries are clear evidence of this statement, as is outlined in this summary: : The Sheep Wars, or the Sheep and Cattle Wars, refers to a series of armed conflicts in the Western United States which were fought between sheepmen and cattlemen over grazing rights.

That there was an affair is beyond doubt — Anne was seen by a Buckingham Palace official kissing the policeman, who was quietly removed by Scotland Yard.

Anne would call him when he was off-duty, he confessed, and ask if he would ‘like to spend a day in the country’.

Nonetheless, he was a magnificent horseman — Olympic gold standard — and stimulated Anne to the extent that when they attended showjumping events together, their horsebox could often be seen bouncing from side to side.

Anne was often attended to at public engagements by a handsome personal bodyguard, Sergeant Peter Cross of the Royal Protection Squad.

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