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I guess I wanted to both include him and humiliate him about what he was missing.I had no romantic feelings toward my date, as we were just friends as far as I was concerned.She said her and her date had a few slow dances and they were both feeling quite comfortable.She asked how I was doing and I said fine and then she said goodbye and hung up.We fantasized together about my bringing home a total stranger to have sex with.

Over time, I learned all about Fem Dom and D&S and came to love this lifestyle. We have a great marriage but I resented the fact that there were activities that I enjoyed but my husband didn't want to participate in with me.

I want my husband to describe what happened, as this was a night either of us will ever forget.

Gary: Our dungeon has a cage in it and that is where I spent the evening.

I'm not a flirt nor the least bit impulsive in my actions.

I am very down to earth and practical minded - a realist through and through. My husband introduced me to the Fem Dom lifestyle over our many years of marriage.

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