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Duncan James, 35, was in boy band Blue and had a career in musicals when they split in 2005. It’s grown up, its got deeper lyrics – we sing more about love and heartbreak. We’re doing it ourselves and have got our own record label. It’s been a tough couple of years doing it that way because you don’t have the machine of a big label behind you but we wanted to do it like that. We’ve always been known for great songs and we wanted the album to be just that.She would always make me smile and laugh in ways that nobody else could.She really was the brightest light to be around and had this warmth around her that could lift the spirits of everyone around and we became the best of friends.Although it appeared Tara loved the attention of being in the spotlight, she also battled with a life in the public eye.

She would then jump up and all of a sudden, break out into a headstand using the chair of the piano and perform scissor kicks with her legs in the air, just randomly.My sympathy goes to her wonderful family at this time whom she adored and will be feeling this loss the greatest.Duncan James is and English singer,actor and television presenter best known for playing Ryan Kinght in Hollyoaks and Dr Watson in Sherlock Holmes.” I remember one day we were in Klosters and she said, ‘Look there’s paparazzi, let’s look at wedding rings in a window and give them something to talk about.” So she always had this naughty little side to her but it was so innocent and adorable.However, I know deep down Tara would have loved nothing more than to meet someone, settle down and be happy.

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