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Immigration trends are especially playing out in big states like Texas and California. Texas has seen the economic benefits of these trends firsthand.

Its unemployment rate sits at a healthy 5.6 percent, and, in 2013, its gross domestic product outpaced the country at 3.7 percent to 1.8 percent.

As the population of Europe and parts of Asia grow older, and the growth rates in those parts of the world decline markedly, the United States is looking at a distinct advantage over the next several decades. Steady population increases will help the nation grow its economy through larger markets, more creativity and an expansive workforce.

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The subject does not lend itself to simple answers and is highly complex.

Secretary of Commerce, spoke recently with the Bush Institute about the need for America to compete with the world economically. Bush Foundation, Evans explains how the global economy has changed over the last 40 years and why isolationism is not the answer to our economic challenges.

You have to look at what has been happening around the world since World War II.

But how do leaders who believe in an opening and welcoming society make that case when there are a lot of people who prefer a more isolationist course? You have to sit down with them and explain how integrated the global economy really is.

The television set you buy probably has products from many countries around the world.

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