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In part, it is what has allowed Uber to blur the boundary between being a ‘pre-booked’ service and ‘plying-for-hire’ (a difference we explored when we last looked at the London taxi trade back in 2015).

It is also this setup that also allows Uber to pay what their critics say is less than their ‘fair share’ of tax – Uber pays no VAT and, last year, only paid £411,000 in Corporation Tax.

On Friday 22 September, Tf L announced that they believe ULL does not meet the required standard in the following areas: As a result, their application for a new licence has been denied.

It is important to note here: Uber users are not about to lose their ability to use the service.

In the context of understanding the current licensing situation, however, knowing the difference between the companies that make up that that Uber experience is important.

Because without that, it is very easy for both Uber’s supporters and opponents to misunderstand what this dispute is actually about. This means they require a private hire operator’s licence.

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Similarly, if changes are made to their operational practices to meet those requirements to Tf L’s satisfaction, then a new licence can be issued. I’m not in a fight with you.” “When you tell us we can’t charge lower fares, offer a high-quality service at the best possible price, you are fighting with us.” Replied Travis Kalanick, Uber’s increasingly high profile, controversial (and now former) CEO. Pulling out her phone, she began frantically texting the legal team sitting with Kalanick in the room: It was too late.

Then Camp discovered that town car licences (for limousine services) weren’t subject to the medallion limits.

Soon he began to float the idea of a car service for a pool of registered users that relied on limousine licences instead.

Kalanick had already launched into a monologue on toilet roll prices in Soviet Russia.

He had turned what had been intended as a (relatively) amicable hearing about setting a base fare for Uber X services in the city into an accusation – and apparent public rejection by Kalanick – of an attempt at consumer price fixing.

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