Diana ross dating gene simmons

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This is news to us, but I don’t know how to view this. Ross though, because she’s always been known to be a woman who is comfortable with herself and had no shame in her game when it came to dating.She’s been allegedly romantically connected to a lot of celebs throughout her career and she could care less what any of us think about it.We share, she says, “the best relationship I’ve ever had with a human being.” Which does not necessarily mean monogamous.“I’m going through a very liberated phase right now,” she says.’ Today (December 26, 2017) marks the seventh anniversary of the late, great Teena Marie’s passing.It doesn’t seem like its been that long by far, but it was December 26, 2010, when the R&B legend ?

Yet oddest and most curious of all is that the liaison that may have brought the greatest solidity to her life is with, of all people, Gene Simmons, the four-years-younger, fire-breathing and blood-spitting bass guitarist for the kinky kindergarten rock group Kiss.

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Gene Simmons fell in love with Diana Ross while dating Cher.

As for the voice-over, Cher’s mother delivered the most telling line: “She always loved to be naked.” Similarly, the most stunning number was not ghosted but written by Cher herself.

My Song is a lament for her second husband, the drug-racked Southern boogie bandsman Gregg Allman.

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