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The blue-eyed, blonde-haired 5-foot-7 stunner has graced the cover of Playboy twice, and remains atop Ask and Maxim's lists of the worlds most beautiful women and was even a lingerie model for Frederick's of Hollywood, but she's proudest of her provocative and extremely successful campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and for her own non-profit animal rescue organization, Angels For Animal Rescue.Before all that she was a young girl who knew she always liked being in front of the the camera."That made me furious, and angry and depressed," she said of the email."I was an animal lover my whole life, but I never realized that humans beings were capable of such cruelty. I had never even thought of researching animal cruelty because I just didn't think it existed as much as it does.

But, as I am with everything I do in my life, I'm very grateful for the opportunity."It's funny because I brought in – you know how they say Spanglish?– so yeah, I brought in Polish and English together," she said, laughing. It's a cool thing." Krupa is currently filming three upcoming movies: "You Can't Have It," where she plays an undercover CIA agent posing as a bartender; "Another Day in Paradise," where she works alongside Frankie Muniz and "Pretty Little Liar's" Brendan Robinson, playing a caring first aid nurse at a water park; and "Wind of Heaven," playing an animal activists who helps save a horse.And she's also been a major part of PETA movement for several years now.It all began when she recieved an anonymous email about animals getting skinned alive for fur.

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