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If you are using Lotus Notes and are having trouble confirming your email address, first resend the email to your account, then copy the confirmation link in the email and open it in a supported browser.Hey, If you are not able to download torrent files at high speed or cant see any seeds than probably it is because the torrent tracker list you are using is dead or unreachable.It is unknown how long I am going to still support it. Thanks to Let's Encrypt and to shiki (forum admin).Also the mainsite is available as a git repo now for (almost) anyone to hack, fix bugs and maybe redesign. q Bittorrent v3.3.10 was released containing hotfixes.Our support team can provide more information on what IP addresses to whitelist.You can have Trello resend a confirmation email by going to Validate.If some of this torrent tracker from list does not work that means that server might be offline.

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Lotus Notes includes a built-in web browser that is not supported by Trello.If you're using a public email tool (such as Hotmail, Gmail,, etc.) and are having trouble receiving your confirmation email, try adding [email protected] your contacts list, and then resend the confirmation email at Validate. Check the SPAM folder in your email inbox to see if it's there.If it's not in your local SPAM folder, ask your network administrator if the message might be blocked at the network level.It is very difficult to reverse this and obtain the real password. We had installed version 2.0.11 of SMF, which is the latest stable. The passwords weren't saved as plaintext, but as salted hashes. This version should be the last in the v3.2.x series. Windows user with many torrents don't need to manually exit the application before system shutdown anymore. The previous versions didn't work on older hardware. Provided by user Dom T4 (github) As you may have noticed already our Ubuntu PPAs were broken for quite some time now. I know I said that v3.1.10 would be the last of the v3.1.x series.In any case, we reset all the passwords and switched on the forum. This build also fixes a problem that requested "G:" drive on Windows. It will make it very difficult for the hackers to recover the real passwords. The upcoming v3.3.x is pretty stable and we'll focus to streamline it for release. In the meantime I backported some important fixes for Windows which resulted in crashes too. Chris Dumez, who maintained them, was unable to fix them. Head over to the download page and find the new PPAs. However there were 2-3 regressions that warranted a new release.

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