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And I was aware I would be treated differently from other girls -- by certain male teachers in high school, for instance. Of course, this didn't make matters any easier for poor Kieran. He was being very careful, I could tell, not to let his hardness -- if he even was hard -- come into contact with me at this point. But somehow I sensed Billy would be the last person Kieran would talk to about us. The fact was, I was curious as hell about seeing that big cock, even touching it, at least with my hands. That girl today didn't seem so scared." "I'm not saying it doesn't attract some of them too. But it's not necessarily as great as everyone thinks." "Uh huh. I'm just a girl who's trying to be good." "So I guess if I'm going to get taken care of, I'll have to do it myself." "That would be a yes." "And you don't want to like... At this point, I'd have almost paid money to watch that show -- and I could also enjoy putting on a show for him, to see him enjoy looking at me, to get off on watching me, even to jerk off. The guy was actually going to leave me, to go jerk off! His mouth was pressed so hard against mine that if I opened it further in shock, or tried to speak in protest, it wouldn't be heard anyway.

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Clearing the air will go a long way to keep drama at bay. Without chemistry, your relationship is basically two people who live and do stuff together. Chemistry is an important thing but it’s not the ONLY thing — and that’s where some of y’all mess up. But people have to realize that there’s more to a relationship than that.It didn’t matter in the long run — things never went anywhere with ol’ girl and me.High school romances tend to have a shelf life of like two weeks anyway.Basically, it seemed like they all wanted to have sex with me, and would say anything -- even believing it, sometimes -- to try to make that happen. I took the lead, already turned on, my fingers happily reaching inside my panties and finding the wetness there, and my throbbing clit. My hands greedily exploring the feel of those huge biceps and triceps, that ripped core, those massive shoulders, as my lips and tongue had their way with his naked body...So with Kieran, I was upfront about the fact that I wanted to take it really slow. He wasn't a "bad boy" or an arrogant athlete like some of my other boyfriends had been. We were into the "act" quickly: "God it feels so good to have you holding me down with your big, strong arms, and just taking me..." "Yeah... "Your cock seems so big, so long, so thick as it pushes inside me..." "Mmm hmmm..." he sounded like he could be close to cumming. "You're reaching places so deep inside me I didn't think any man could ever reach! I made it sound like I meant emotionally, and in a way, I did. I worked my way down to his thighs, now, even turning him over so I could kiss all over his hard little butt, letting my tongue flick teasingly into the crack for a moment.

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