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The Innu and Inuit have lived here for thousands of years, and their cultures are rooted in a deep, spiritual relationship with the environment.The long and intriguing history of Labrador's indigenous people can be traced back almost 9,000 years.There is also a rich Aboriginal history that includes the Beothuk and Dorset peoples.The land found here has a unique geological history dating back 1.25 billion years, not to mention a human history spanning 4,500 years. Imagine a restored Viking settlement over 1,000 years old, perched near the crashing waves of the North Atlantic.Or a lovely fishing village full of wharves and boats overlooking Iceberg Alley.

In 1610, pirate Peter Easton made Harbour Grace his headquarters, and established a fort overlooking the bay.

Today, Harbour Grace continues its tradition as a fishing and fish processing centre. 1881-84) was designated a Municipal Heritage Building in 2006.

In addition, because of its rich history and many historical buildings, a small tourist industry is emerging.

These are just a few of our top destinations, waiting to be

The Avalon Peninsula is not only scenically stunning, it's also a place full of natural wonders: icebergs drifting along the coasts, whales frolicking, migratory seabirds nesting on cliffs, and caribou roaming.

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