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Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis dropped a comment on Instagram beauty and Sports Illustrated stunner Abigail Ratchford’s page after she posted photos of her sexy red ensemble, showing off her figure from the front and back.

As if it was saying " I do not want you KP". Bonnie is on book signing and Cousin Larry made an appearance. Ron and Bonnie go to something like the city of Spain. He was hired by SSJ to find a shallow, mean and perfect girlfriend for SSJ.He makes a crown balloon a lot in the Fire support department (it is for charity) Bonnie has been dumped by Brick and she needs a person for the Homecoming dance.She was very upset about it Ron called Brick, (his voiced was not heard) but Ron hinted that Brick got smarter when he went to college Kim: What is the SITCH going on here?This is the homecoming episode talked about on the board some time ago.Kim becomes very jealous in this episode partly because -Kim is not the Homecoming queen -In a tv interview, Bonnie said her and Ron are the perfect couple.

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