Dating for truck drivers in canada

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“I was enrolled in a college in Delhi to pursue a bachelor’s degree course in 2000.However due to frequent interruptions in my education due to various strikes, my father was concerned about the quality of education that was being imparted at that college, even though it was one of the better ones,” he says.

Mir, who studied in the United States and landed a plum position with one of the top financial management firms in the world, Merrill Lynch, was thrilled when he first applied for Canadian immigration, and it came through in six months. “I was sure that with my education and work experience I would have no trouble finding a job,” he says.

A previous study by Statistics Canada indicated that one-third of male immigrants (aged 25 to 45 at the time of landing) left Canada within 20 years after arrival.

More than half of those who left did so within the first year of arrival. I am overqualified for the position that I have currently,” says the marketing professional who has already networked with professional organizations in places like Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East.

“It was disheartening to start with a job that did not really require an undergrad degree, but I knew I had to start somewhere and make my way up as I lacked Canadian work experience and lacked networking skills,” he says in a matter-of-fact manner. His sister was getting married and he thought it was his duty to assist with the wedding.

Perhaps the expiry of his work permit and his PR not coming through at that time further helped his decision and he went back.

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