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In 1995 she sold over 20 million copies internationally of her album The Woman in Me.The song Any Man of Mine won her a Grammy Award for the first time.Well-trained animals were an exception, incidentally, often getting better treatment than the human actors.In particular, according to The Other Wiki, a scene in the 1939 film , wherein a blindfolded horse was ridden off a cliff to its death, is the direct cause of the founding of the American Humane Association (the trademark holder on the phrase "no animals were harmed"), and the "No animals were harmed" language dates directly to the controversy over that movie.Next It doesn’t matter if you were a 90s kid, odds are if you’re a fan of Hollywood, you remember the 90s (but it obviously helps to have been around then). The stars were glamorous, talented to boot, the music was catchy and, for the most part, the actors and performers that entertained us throughout the 90s withstood the test of time.

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Others have retired from the limelight only to pop up every here and there, sometimes on the anniversary of the movies and shows we love so much, or in an interview or a book that gives us insight into their lives.), the Ocean’s films, Red 2, The Terminal, and the second Zorro film, The Legend of Zorro – reprising her role as Elena de la Vega.Jessica began her journey in Tinseltown in 1994 when she starred on the Nickelodeon Channel’s series The Secret World of Alex Mack."No animals were harmed" is a standard message displayed at the end of movies, and in Hollywood movies is awarded (and trademarked) by the American Humane Association. In the early days of Hollywood, safety procedures were pretty lax, even concerning actors.It would be a bit of a bore to find someone who looked enough like your leading lady at short notice.

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