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She had graduated from college and was succeeding in her career as an exhibition design assistant at a big city art museum.

"Some girls I knew were sitting around waiting for this wealthy, good-looking man to take care of them," Josh says.

The authors dont sermonize or lecture, and only use the words God and Jesus a few times in passing, although most of the tenets found here are in line with Christian beliefs. The early ground rules given are: look for someone who wants to be more than your best friend; find someone in your own league; always have the guy ask the girl out; and maintain the chase and mystery in any dating relationship.

Unlike many other books, this one explores new aspects of dating.

This list is certainly not comprehensive, but based on the fact that most of the couples interviewed have been married for between five and 10 years, these qualities seem to be good indicators not only of "mate" potential but of success in married life.

Getting married and staying married isn't always easy, but solid character is a good foundation for both.

"I knew Andrew would make a good spouse because of his commitment to being a godly man and the way he trusted the Lord for all of his needs.

Hayley has written and co-written numerous best-selling books for both teens and adults, including Mean Girls, Mean Girls All Grown Up, Dateable, and The Dateable Rules, and has spoken at conferences like Women of Faith.

Yet somehow, she'd come out on the other side with a remarkably positive attitude about life and an unshakeable faith." Even when Gavin lost his job and thought that might end their relationship — "Who wants to date a guy who just lost his full-time income, right? It was also a "happy coincidence" because she was on the same teams, which meant they got to see each other three times a week. "When I was growing up, my mom told me to pray for a husband who is passionate about God. I am able to respect Craig because he listens to God and obeys His voice." From the first time they met, Melissa loved Brock's green eyes.

" — Jamie was supportive and encouraged him in the next step. Josh demonstrated the same kind of dedication as he pursued Lindy for marriage. Krista believes God told her to marry her husband, Craig. The kind of guy who would buy her a trinket she liked or plan a fun outing together, it was Brock's devotion to Christ that ultimately won Melissa's heart. Christine met her husband, Mike, via their blogs and eventually moved to Australia to marry him.

"She acted differently than most people — reserved and modest, not showing off her obvious beauty," he says.

As Jim got to know her through the outdoor activities they enjoyed doing together, he noticed her self-assurance.

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