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Not too different from today, both yellowfin croaker and corbina were favorites from both the piers and surf.

However, although the croakers were almost always called by their normal name, corbina were as often as not given the alternative, interchangeable name—surf or surf fish.

The fish tipped the scales at six pounds eleven ounces, and with the exception of the eight-pound surf taken at Balboa two weeks ago is the largest caught this season at any resort. The surf ranged from one pound in weight to six and a half pounds; the yellowfin from three-quarters to two pounds. This is the largest of this species of fish caught in the bay this season.

For the first time this season the beneficent effects of the seining law passed by the legislature, forbidding the taking of corbina, yellowfin and croaker except with rod and line, was felt to its fullest extent, and because of the fact that these game fish are protected from the market fishermen the sportsmen anglers who fish for pleasure reaped a plentiful harvest of these beauties… The surf fish caught in this section rarely weigh more than four or five pounds.

So too has been the change to some of the smaller species, especially the numbers of those fish.

Sunday and Monday the local wharves were black with anglers, who came here for the purpose of enjoying the sport…

He caught three yellowfin which weighed three and one-quarter, three and three-quarters and four and one-half pounds.

Three surf fish which he also caught weighed five and five-eighths, four and one-half and three and one-half pounds.

A curiosity in marine life was a double halibut taken on the banks this morning by Charles Johnson.

The fish was identical on both upper and lower sides.

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