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I mean, 198 channels of Disney programs, church TV or government programming couldn’t make any money, could it? Anyone on here a TV repairman and can you get me this Sky thing?Game Network and some other channels have late night soft porn programs on. There is nothing dirty or wrong about women like that doing that for a job.If you want to watch any UK TV channels online on a site which offers them all in one place. Our website Watch All Channels makes it possible for you to enjoy your favourite UK FREE View TV Channels online wherever you may be in the UK and best of all for FREE! So add us to your favourites list and don’t forget to share us with your friends!Okay everybody, shut the hell up for one minute I’m here today to talk to you all about attention No, I’m here to criticise you all about attention So look at me, and put those phones down!I personally dont like sky, cause theres 800 channels you never watch on it..... They arent being exploited, most of them are page 3 models anyway.I wouldnt call them filth, its not like they do hardcore stuff on there! I do wonder why its free though...other than the bad camera angles....

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