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Sailing rig and outboard well are modular units that may be added at any time, even long after construction of the hull is complete.The outboard engine functionality required considerable experimentation and testing.That ruins the Northeaster Dory's flexible layout, easy construction, and low cost.

The Southwester Dory is a lightweight and highly capable expedition boat, designed for sailing, rowing, motoring, or any combination of the three.

The dominant feature of the Southwester Dory's interior is the bench seating along the sides of the boat.

The compartments below the seats are filled with foam and provide 844 pounds of positive flotation.

If you start adding stuff, very quickly you don't have a light, economical boat any more." What eventually motivated Harris to create a new design was a single persistent request: "60 out of every 100 questions I get about the Northeaster Dory are about where you can put a motor." The answer, he says, is, "Nowhere.

There just isn't a place to put it, and regulations both here and in Europe require motorized vessels to carry a large volume of built-in flotation.

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