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I don't really have any great advice, except that there is a grey area too.Passively waiting for others to value us; avoiding competition entirely; allowing ourselves to be trampled over by others who are very competitive is an extreme.He won't stay after any event is over for any of the socializing that often follows.

Depending on your point of view that's a good thing, and not so good thing, or just the way it is.*chuckles* So here in this post you will find out how luckily blessed you are, if you are dating a Loner. Because We- Loners love our space, expect lots from US too. When a Loner says this) Now, Come on, who doesn’t need space in their Life. S: Expect Bruno Mars playing on loop 😉 2) You have your FREEDOM: History knows how many fights we had for this thing called “FREEDOM.” And while dating a Loner you almost have it for FREE. Also from a certain point of view, people compete because on some level others respond to the competition, and yes, tend to favor the 'winner'.An evolutionary psychologist might even say that competition is a big key to life.

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