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Following the disdain of the comment made by Rajveer, a fight breaks out between Rajveer and Zafar's men after which Rajveer flies away.After Rajveer escapes, a CCTV footage of him is captured, showing that he is in Shimla.Rajveer angrily decides to let Harleen go and hands over the car keys to her. Rajveer checks a location on his phone which Harleen notices.He tells her that he has no other motive than protecting her. He then tells her that he has not killed an innocent person before this and does not want her to die.She angrily asks Rajveer as to who changed her clothes and he confesses that he did it. After a shootout occurs between Rajveer and the government officials, he escapes with Harleen with a help of a sea bob and a fly board. As Rajveer was able to successfully lead the escape of them both, Harleen now entrusts Rajveer, subsequently falling in love with him.When Rajveer goes out of his hotel with Harleen, he sees that they are wanted by Interpol.

He shoots her with a tranquilizer dart and they both jump out of a window and escape.He convinces Harleen to use the bathroom and while she is in there, Rajveer fights the remaining men who came searching for him and leaves the restaurant, much to the dismay of Harleen.As she drives home, Harleen accidentally runs over Rajveer, who asks her to stitch up a gunshot wound sustained during the fight.Rajveer then gives Harleen drugged water, with her complying with what he says about the government officials, informing her about where to find guns underneath car seats and what they will say about him.The next day, the government officials with Zorawar (Pawan Malhotra) visit Harleen at her bank and threaten her to come with them.

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