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After that, Yuuki's personalities seem to have merged (or they're both present at the same time? I think he expected you to never come back, but you do, and it's a pretty emotional reunion. This is a set of three tracks (4 if you include the BGM variation) of sexual harassment tracks. The dirty talk in all three is quite nice, and I quite like the CV's voice. If you like what's in the sample, you can pick this one up.

It seems by the end, you have also become 'strange'. No variations or non-sfx versions here though, if that matters to you. This audio drama falls on the quieter/breathier side. Unskilled is a Rpg game that let your character to steal one skill from Male monster after performing H-scene content.

This is an easy and nice game but have one problem : You need to steal skill in order to explore the world, and it's really long to find the skill that will let you to continue your exploration.

Selecting one area will present a sex scene and an option for the men to cum at the end.

However, by choosing not to cum, the princess will continue "using" that area and she can select another area to use both (or all) at the same time.

Despite being one of the circle's older titles, this is a good quality game that will greatly appeal to fans of gangbangs, bukkake, and lolis.

The story is about a princess who has gone into hiding after a coup.

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