Comic book geek dating

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The most interesting people will be able to add something to almost any topic that comes up in a discussion, and they'll have a variety of perspectives to share.

To make a very sweeping generalization, women (geeks and non-geeks) like men who are strong conversationalists.

Don't expect love to be repaid with love until you are in that last stage, or you're asking to be hurt.

As for actually attracting a girl, going into more detail would derail this even further, so I'll leave you this analogy: Think of it as a case of selling yourself.

The online dating landscape continues to fragment, so there seems to be a site or three for every subculture, religion, or any other social division you can put a name to.

This is good in one sense, because more sites means more competition to attract and retain users; if you have half an idea what you're doing as a user, you can get a fantastic amount of value out of these sites for next to nothing.

You can't expect a girl to love you just because you love her; it's not simple reciprocation.

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You don't need to love the humanities the way you love the sciences, but keep an open mind.

This is something you can never really be too good at.

No woman ever said, “I really like him, but he's just too interesting to talk to.

I've done more than my fair share of dating both online and offline, so I can share some insight.

I cannot find a girlfriend because I am a geek, and there is no girl for me, because I am not interested in TV or local celebrities or sport.

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