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People with achondroplasia are generally of normal intelligence.Health problems commonly associated with achondroplasia include episodes in which breathing slows or stops for short periods (apnea), obesity, and recurrent ear infections.“She is really a true pioneer in her own right,” says Dr.Patti Britton, a mentor to Naccarato and the co-founder of Sex Coach U.“So when I saw the program on TV I thought, ‘Wow, I wonder what other people are doing in our community because no one is talking about it.’”What followed was a series of phone calls to her close friends asking what they were doing in bed.To her surprise, everyone was having challenges and all were excited to talk about it. She started with Little People of America, an umbrella organization that provides support to people of short stature, from information on scholarships and medical procedures to artist’s funds and specially designed kitchen appliances.

’ I always reply, ‘Well if you think about it, I haven’t really changed professions.She also serves on the board of the American College of Sexologists, was recently featured on Playboy Radio, and is a sex and disability blogger for sex-positive pioneer Betty Dodson’s website.Naccarato is the first in her field to extensively study the sexual needs specific to the Little People community on the physical, emotional, and psychosocial level.Instead of adapting their home to fit the family, who are no more than four feet tall, they instead encourage their children to overcome the hurdles - for example, placing step stools to help them reach cupboards and attaching sticks to light switches. The word achondroplasia literally means 'without cartilage formation'.However, the problem is not in forming cartilage but in converting it to bone, particularly in the long bones of the arms and legs.

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