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While it's not necessarily illegal, in many cases it could be.

The Securities and Exchange Commission said last week that at least 80 companies are the subject of a probe.

Plus it’s way easier to stop for a quick chat when you both know each other’s name.

I [26M virgin] started a relationship with a coworker [22F].

While front end languages were ready to take over the interactive elements of the website, HTML and video playback still weren’t best pals.

It’s much better now, with the HTML5 spec being finalized and browser support at a plateau.3 come play cum join the original is now online lets talk about serious topics and carry me up is the lamest.

To try to answer some questions about what's going on, CNET has compiled the following list of frequently asked questions.

Backdating, which refers to the practice of altering the dates of grants, is a way for employees of a company to make additional money from stock options.

HTML5 Video for You Tube does pretty much the same thing as HTML5ify, except it adds a strip of UI below every video.

It means that there are a bunch of expert scholar-teachers on campus.

It also means that class sizes are pretty small — especially compared to large universities.

Reyes' attorney has defended his client as wrongly accused, saying "financial gain is always the motive in securities fraud cases, and here there was none.

The stock options are awarded just before news, usually positive, is announced.

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