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With earlier Mc Afee 8.8 configuration, I was able to download the updates and I did not face any issues.But after upgrading to patch 2, the auto update is not downloading antivirus updates anymore and I am seeing the following error.You might want to consider putting in an EPO server which will centrally manage Mc Afee.

catalogz error when updating mcafee-72catalogz error when updating mcafee-14catalogz error when updating mcafee-60catalogz error when updating mcafee-2

This is a new install (~2 weeks), but I have been running prior versions of e PO (most recently 4.6.6 on Win2003 32bit).Why would an agent know to use one of our repositories, but not the correct one?Is there a way to remove wherever it is getting the repository list from?I'm using a 3rd party software deployment tool for the packages.Scenario 1: After the install completes I see some strange repository behavior.

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