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And the problems with generating it are usually environmental in impact.

Gur faces a similar challenge with his solar project, as he tests ways to make a super-light material as efficient as today's silicon-based solar panels."We're doing a lot of different things to try to get there," Gur said."We're trying to improve on the work we've done but we're always looking at new materials and architectures to see if we can get a big jump in efficiency. If we're not, hopefully we can still develop this so at the end of the road there's something to move to that's a cheaper alternative.Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are hitting levels not seen in 400,000 years, a disquieting fact and the source of predictions of sudden temperature changes and resulting social distress.For Gur and for other scientists working with him, there's no way to tell the consequences but the carbon dioxide numbers are so arresting that it's not a good idea to wait and see.

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